Portland Museum Takes a Look Back at some of the most devastating fires in history

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The fire has been a dangerous enemy of the humans since it has been discovered. There are plenty of benefits of fire that we cannot deny but we’ve suffered so many times due to this dangerous element that we can’t even forget.

Portland Museum has created a department where it is storing all the important events that took place in the history. The purpose behind creating this specific department is collecting all the information into one place so that people may gather knowledge according to their needs. In this section, we’ll store all the remarkable events that took place in the past decades.

We’ll not only collect information about the devastating events but we’ll also collect information about the events that belong to the nation’s pride. However, today’s focus is on a devastating issue where we’ll discuss some of the most devastating fires.

The great Chicago Fire 1871

This fire started just because of a small fire that was ignited in a bar and just in the next two days it destroyed the $220 million assets. Around 3.3 square miles of the Windy city were destroyed.

The Chicago fire departments responded swiftly but they couldn’t reach the correct location due to the watchman’s mistake. Therefore, the fire grew bigger and destroyed and many houses and killed lots of people.

9/11/2001 the worst day ever

9/11/2001 was the worst day in American history when two jets collapsed into the world trade center and Pentagon and a huge fire took place. Both the jets were hacked by the terrorists. The terrorists had complete knowledge of flying a jet. So, they brought the jets to both the buildings and collapsed them into the greatest buildings of America.

The American history will never forget that devastating fire that took place after these jets collapsed into the buildings. Everyone lost someone during this breath-taking incident. Every fire watch company tried its best to control the fire but the fire grew bigger and bigger and nobody could control it properly.

Finally, the fire went so higher that it destroyed both the buildings and it took many lives with it. Many people lost their loved ones during this incident and a lot of people were injured as the debris from both the buildings went to several miles. That was the worst day for the nation and we wish that such kind of incident never happens again.

2007 California Wildfires

This was one of worst fire incidents that took place in the history. It was so much bigger that it could be seen from the space. It destroyed almost 1,000 acres of the land from Santa Barbara County down to the U.S Californian Border. Around 40 people died during this incident and many others were injured due to the fire.

Most of the people were forced to leave their homes due to this devastating fire. In order to assist the state and local efforts, President George W.Bush called for federal aid.