About Us

The Portland Harbor Museum was founded in 1987 in the Greater Portland area. The museum is located on Fort Preble, near Spring Point Ledge Light. Because of its location, the visitors have a chance to enjoy the view of Casco Bay and other historical sceneries.

The museum is dedicated to celebrating South Portland’s lengthy maritime history. The exhibitions are designed to give the visitors a full account of the shipbuilding industry, which was a cornerstone of the Portland Harbour. The permanent exhibitions on 19-th century wooden ships stand as an account of rich wooden shipbuilding in this particular area. For comparison, it’s estimated that in the period of World War II Portland Harbour produced around 250 wooden ships, which were used in crucial battles of the Allies.

Other than that, the museum offers insights on the role of Portland Harbor in creating Southern Maine’s historical, economic, and social character. The visitors will be able to see some of the original documents and photographs on wooden shipbuilding. The only surviving part of the Snow Squall, the bow from this clipper ships, is displayed in PHM.