Portland Harbor Museum is an educational resource for teachers and students. We welcome school groups of all ages to visit and take part in educational programming free of charge.

The museum offers a wide range of activities and will customize our programs depending on age group or class size. We provide opportunities to learn about Portland Harbor’s Forts, Portland Harbor in the Nineteenth Century, Portland Harbor Today, World War II Liberty Ships, Nineteenth Century Clipper Ships, Lighthouses of Casco Bay, and more.

The Age of Clipper Ships program is a school-based curriculum that focuses on mid-Nineteenth Century activities in and around Portland and throughout the world. The program, which examines issues such as trade and commerce, geography, time and distance, and the Gold Rush, is designed to fit within the requirements of the Maine Learning Results.

To plan a visit or request a copy of the Age of Clipper Ships curriculum, please call (207) 799-6337 or email us at